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Jens Lallensack ( talk ) 16:08, (UTC) The Infinity Gauntlet edit Nominator(s Argento Surfer ( talk ) 15:54, 22 February 2019 (UTC) This article is about the 1991 comic book crossover that served as the inspiration for last summer's. "Horn and his men opened fire, and two Aboriginal people were killed and one was fatally wounded, with several more being captured." Why is this stated as fact, when it is apparently unknown? Constantine 10:07, (UTC) Support by Gog the Mild edit One of the maps lacks alt text. I'll use that for the isbns, and I'll let you know when I figure out the subscription issue. If you are interested. It's a rather peculiar status that doesn't actually give its holders a legal right to live in the. "relatively unchanged" crops up three times in the article. Swapped him out for McDowell's launch log. Could you just state what the highest rainfall total in Oklahoma was? Midnightblueowl ( talk ) 14:29, (UTC) There are some very thick paragraphs in this article. It is similar to how singers practice singing by listening to music by other artists and singing over. I could probably dig through and recreate his research, but I trust him. Maybe, "He graduated on June 3, 1952, with a Bachelor of Science degree, finishing 185th in a class of 527 cadets which included the future fellow astronaut Ed White."? Nikkimaria ( talk ) 23:45, (UTC) @ Nikkimaria : Just to be clear, are you saying that these two images, if their PD status cannot be determined, must be deleted (both from the article and the Commons)? I would assume it has to do with Chinese nationality law, but that isn't clear. En Europe modifier modifier le code Dans les pays européens, essentiellement du nord de l'Europe où ces pratiques sont plus répandues, ces clubs sont dédiés en permanence à l'échangisme. That he was the leader is mentioned in the lead, but it should be specifically mentioned in the body as well. Highly readable, well and widely sourced, excellently illustrated and, as far as a layman can rencontre culture tourcoing tell, comprehensive. And I'm having a child, which is more frightening. Here, we determine which articles are to be featured articles (FAs). In brenot Philippe (directeur). Neopeius ( talk ) @ Dudley Miles : A ping only works if you include the ping and your signature in the same edit. "solrad/grab 1 was launched into orbit (along with Transit 2A) via Thor DM-21 Ablestar rocket on June 22, 1960, marking the first time two instrumented satellites (solrad/grab 1 and Transit 2A) had been orbited at once.". The southern portion of the state received approximately.56.94 in (70 to 100 mm) of rain, with an isolated value of up.88 in (124 mm) being reported.9" you can probably combine the first. No, the citation is there to verify that Parish wrote the book, the rest is what F, H N say about its contents. I suppose you could have a three-way conversion, although I wouldn't bother, myself. Aoba47 ( talk ) 01:55, (UTC) Thanks for the prompt responses.

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